Failing at the New Basics of Customer Care
Monday March 29th 2010, 11:31 am
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By Gary Angel

I had a non-work experience recently that reminded me why what we do in web analytics is more than interesting – it can actually be important. I’m flying to Orlando in May for Unica’s MIS 2010 Conference. In addition to the Conference, we’re going to be doing a Think Tank training day focused on NetInsight. This will be the first time we’ve had a chance to do NetInsight-specific training and it should be exciting.

Since it’s in Orlando, I’m hauling along the kids who are happily engaged in choosing one or two selections from the gaggle of available theme parks. But in booking the ticket to travel to Orlando, I got first-hand experience in why what we in the web analytics field do is important and how companies ignore analytics at their own peril.

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Mobile + Social = An Olympic Sized Success
Friday March 26th 2010, 12:34 pm
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By Greg Dowling

While it has been some time since I pulled the NBC Olympics application off of my iPhone, I think the recent flurry of activity and commentary around the mobile social media space bears some relevance to the tremendous success NBC had with their Olympic endeavors. By all accounts the 2010 Winter Olympics were a huge success for NBC. It’s great to see a big media brand delivering on the tenants of a dedicated mobile strategy. NBC leveraged Olympic mobile data and insights collected from the 2008 Beijing games to shape the mobile strategy for the 2010 Winter Games. It was obvious to NBC that mobile would be a huge opportunity for them, and they had put a formal mobile strategy in place, but I don’t think they were ready for their Olympic sized success.

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New Podcasts Posted
Monday March 08th 2010, 11:51 am
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Gary Angel and Wes Yee unveil the Semphonic Selects Product Review Series and discuss Omniture Summit 2010.

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Gary also joined the Beyond Web Analytics Podcast for a more in depth recap of Omniture Summit. You can check that out here.

Flickr Stats vs Other Photo Sharing Analytics
Wednesday March 03rd 2010, 9:44 am
Filed under: June Dershewitz

By June Dershewitz

Just after the public launch of Flickr Stats back in 2007, I posted a positive review of the tool, musing that it could serve as a good model for other social media measurement systems.

Fast forward to 2010, I am no longer so content with Flickr Stats. I’m convinced we can do better. Perhaps my attitude is influenced by the recent buzz about how anyone can track stats on their Facebook Fan page using Google Analytics or Webtrends. Or perhaps I’ve just grown tired of the limitations of Flickr Stats.

Is Photobucket any better, or Picasa, or something else? This post serves as a summary of my quest to find the best photo sharing analytics. Here’s what I found.

Flickr: A shortcoming and a workaround

For paying Flickr Pro customers, Flickr Stats currently reports a host of metrics including the number of views over time, favorite/comment activity, top content, referrering domains/URLs and search keywords.

The thing I used to like best about Flickr Stats was the all-time referrers report, since it provided insight into my photostream’s findability over time. Unfortunately, about a year ago Flickr chose to scale back the referrer stats it reported. Referrer information is now only available by day for the last month. Judging from the volume of support forum comments on this subject, I’m not the only Flickr member who’s unhappy with this change.

As a workaround, one Flickr member has created an app called F*Stats that scrapes Flickr Stats and stores historic referrer information in a local database. This seems like a complicated solution, but right now it’s the best way for Flickr members to retain their referrer info.

Photobucket: Easy social media sharing and pretty good stats

Less than a year ago Photobucket launched a stats dashboard for all members, with limited metrics in the free version and more in the Pro version. In terms of functionality, I’d rank the stats dashboard just below Flickr Stats. It does appear to provide referrer information over time, but it only reports referring domains – not referring URLs or search keywords.

On the positive side, the ability to easily share Photobucket content on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites – and then get referrer stats – is an excellent feature and may be reason enough to use the service.

Picasa: Perhaps Google Analytics integration on the way?

Activity tracking on Google’s Picasa photo sharing site is currently very limited – you simply get the number of views of each photo. However, there’s quite a bit of user feedback regarding the desire to track Picasa with Google Analytics. In this wish list of most desired Picasa features, Google Analytics integration is one of the top requests. Come on Google, grant our wish.

Other Alternatives: Again, with GA integration

Although I’ve covered 3 of the most popular photo sharing sites, there are plenty of others to choose from. A quick search turned up 2 less well-known sites that currently allow Google Analytics tagging: SmugMug and PhotoSwarm.

What do you think? Are there better solutions that I have overlooked? Or, are photo sharing stats not worth anyone’s time? I welcome your feedback.

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